Do drinks affect our teeth? A science experiment!

Hello everyone!  I was so excited to wrap up our week all about Dental Health with a fun science experiment perfect for your little ones!  For our experiment today we asked...

Does what we drink affect our teeth?

To find out all we did was get a few hard-boiled eggs, soda, milk and water!

The hard-boiled eggs represent our teeth...aren't they nice and white? ;)

Then I filled up 3 cups with milk, soda and water.

Before my daughter went to school this morning the kids each put their egg in one of the cups.  Then we made predictions about what we thought the eggs would look like.  Everyone was pretty sure the egg in the water would still be white, but they weren't sure about the soda or the milk.

After my kids got home from school this afternoon they could not WAIT to check the results of our experiment!

Up first was the milk.  The kids were so excited to see that the egg was still white...we drink a lot of milk at our house! ;)

Next we did the water, and everyone was happy to see they were right!  The egg came out sparkling white.

Finally we did the soda...and wouldn't you know we got a yucky brown egg!

Here is the soda egg compared to the water egg.... 

This was such a great visual for my kids to see how drinking soda and sugary drinks can affect our teeth!  No one wants teeth like that egg, right?!

After we finished our experiment we took it one step further and decided to see if we could get that soda egg white again!  The kids grabbed an old toothbrush and some toothpaste and went at it!

You can see in the picture below, we were able to get that egg white once again with some tender love and care :)  The kids were so excited, and it was great to explain that if you DO have some soda you just have to make sure you brush REALLY good after. 

Such a fun, simple experiment!

Hope you are ALL having a great week wherever you are...and make sure you keep coming back!  SO many fun things are coming up in the next few weeks.  Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Dr. Seuss' Birthday and so much more!  



Did you peel the eggs or not? I can't really tell for sure from the pictures.

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