Smiling this Sunday :)

 Happy Sunday to everyone!!

This was an interesting week at our house...super high highs, and some seriously LOW lows :)
Happily the week ended just about perfectly, so that is what is making me smile today. 

After battling a horrible virus all week, my two youngest were finally able to come out of their quarantine and enjoy the weekend.  Britton and Paul went to the annual Father/Son campout with our ward which meant only one thing...GIRL WEEKEND! :)  I'll have more on our girls camp-IN next week, but Saturday morning we ventured out to our city's annual parade.

Of course the best part of a parade is all the candy they throw out.  My kids hadn't really been to a parade before so it took a few minutes for them to realize all that candy was theirs for the taking.  Once they figured it out...they cleaned UP. :)

Avrie is such a good little girl.  She sat in her stroller the entire time, and hardly made a peep.  Every once in a while she would let out a little squeal and start clapping...such a happy child!

Speaking of Avrie...here is the other thing that is making me smile today :)

My amazingly talented friend Hollie from Cherry Tree Photography did her one year pics and I could NOT be more thrilled with them!  She completely captured my happy, beautiful, charming little Avie-Baby.  How can you NOT smile when you get to look at this face every single day?



You have a beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! Congrats on your work! Would you like t follow each other?:)

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

I'm so happy the virus is over!! My kids have never had that virus before but I've heard how TERRIBLE it is. Avrie's one year photo is the cutest picture EVER! What a beautiful family you have!! :)