Kid-Friendly Target Practice

 Hello, hello!!

The activity I'm sharing with you today doesn't REALLY fit into our Olympic Theme...although I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could make it work ;)

No, this activity was the invention of a mom...a desperate mom!  My sweet (usually!) little man came down with a HORRIBLE virus over the weekend and has pretty much been miserable.  Even once he started feeling better he still couldn't go outside or play with friends because he has been covered from head to toe in blisters.  

I don't know if all boys are like this, but when Britton gets bored...Britton gets naughty!  He was pretty much running around the house, seeing what mess he could make, what sister he could make cry, and how many different things he could get put in time out for.

His favorite torment of choice?  Shooting his sisters repeatedly with his Nerf Gun.  I mean seriously...over and over!

Suddenly I had an idea...how about give him a fun, kid-friendly Target Practice that he can shoot at all day long?!

This took about 2 minutes and literally saved me my sanity!  All I did was get 3 different colored dry erase markers and draw 3 different bulls-eyes on the shower/bathtub in the kids' bathroom.

After about 30 minutes of non-stop shooting...Britton got his first bulls-eye!

My little guy was so excited, and I was just as excited to have found a way to wrangle that awesome energy my little man has and enjoy shooting Nerf Guns with him for the afternoon.

This is just about at simple as it gets, but my kids loved it and now I'm thinking of lots of different possibilities using dry erase markers and showers ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by today...you guys leave the kindest comments and emails, totally makes my day!