Our long weekend of fun in the sun!!

 We just returned from a FANTASTIC weekend of fun in the sun!!

We visited with my awesome family in St. George, Utah and had a blast :)

We spent most of the time in our swimsuits, and I am thrilled to say my little scaredy-cats warmed up to the water by the end of the weekend.  Well...not Kendall...but the other ones did! :)

Air Paul!! ;)

Britton finally got brave enough to jump off the rock with daddy...by our last day he was begging to jump again and again!

Besides swimming we had a great time boating, and all the kids loved going tubing.  I wish I would have gotten pictures but I had my hands full with Avrie :)

Our last day we ventured out to Zion's National Park to do some light hiking :)  I could not believe how absolutely gorgeous it was!

We got there at probably the hottest time of the day, but we still had a great time.  The kids loved throwing rocks into the river and snacking on yummy watermelon.

I loved the beautiful scenery and hanging out with my family.  Isn't my mom just the cutest?!

We had such a fantastic time and are SO grateful to have such wonderful family that we love dearly!  Stay tuned this week for some fun SUN-themed activities to do with your kids and maybe even a project or two ;)