The Iron Rod Family Home Evening

Wow!  More than one post in a week...I really AM back! ;)

Tonight we had a really quick, fun Family Home Evening about the Lehi's Dream in the Book of Mormon, and especially focusing on the Iron Rod.  To start off I made this printable that we will have displayed for the rest of the week as our FHE reminder.

It just so happened that we read about Lehi's Dream in our family scripture study last night.  The kids had so many questions we decided we wanted to dedicate an evening to really discussing the symbolism of the dream and try and teach our children the concept of holding fast to the Iron Rod.

Since our kids are still very young, we tried to keep it very simple.  I found some great clip art HERE that worked perfectly for us.  I had my girls color all the pictures and cut them out.  Then as we discussed what each part of the dream symbolized we taped it up on our magnet board.  We talked a lot about how important it is to hold to the iron rod and stay on the straight and narrow path.  Then we did a great activity to drive the concept home just a little bit more :)

I got a big, yellow rope we had in our basement and tied it to our front door.  Then we blindfolded the kids, spun them around a few times, and WITHOUT holding the rope told them to find the front door.  It was so funny to watch them...but really poignant too.  They were all going in the wrong direction, tripping over their own feet, and always scared to take the next step.  Not one of them was even CLOSE to the door when they took their blindfolds off.

Then we blindfolded the kids again, but this time I had a big yellow rope tied to the door handle.  Paul held the other end so the rope was tight and the kids were able to hold the "Iron Rod" all the way to the door.  Even though they were still blindfolded they pretty much ran to the door with no hesitation!

I loved those precious smiles when they reached their destination!!

I love object lessons...they just really strike a chord with me.  It was so interesting for me to correlate the fear my kids felt when they had nothing to hold on to and weren't sure which way to go.  Then to see the sheer confidence and joy they possessed when they were holding fast to the rope...it became so clear to me.  Life is always going to be hard, scary and difficult.  But by following the word of God, we are able to leave the fear behind and embrace the plan our Heavenly Father has in store for us.  I bore testimony to my children that I have the same desire Lehi had...for ALL of my family to partake of the precious fruit, the gift of eternal life.  And the way to do that is by holding fast to the Iron Rod and staying on the straight and narrow path.

Once we were ready for dessert all that talk about fruit was getting to me...so we made our families favorite fruit dip to go with some sliced up apples :)  I got this recipe out of a ward cookbook...aren't those always the best ones?!

Thank you so much for checking out Blue Skies Ahead today!  Please leave a comment if you have any great FHE's that have been a success in your home!  I am always looking for creative and interesting ways to get my kids excited about the gospel :)  



What a great FHE! I had to pin this for my family, they will love it! Thanks for the recipe as well!


Do you have a working link for that clip art?