Olympic Cauldron Park

 Olympic Week continued at our house today with a totally last-minute trip to Downtown Salt Lake to visit Olympic Cauldron Park!

If you are a Utah local...I would HIGHLY recommend visiting the Olympic Cauldron Park at Rice-Eccles Stadium.  There were a lot of cool things for the kids to see from the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics.

The first thing we saw when we walked in got the kids really excited...

the REAL Olympic Torch!

The kids thought it was so cool to see a real torch after we had made our own earlier in the week.

Probably the kids favorite activity was this little kiosk they had.  You could put on headphones and watch different videos about the Olympics.  The kids loved watching the Opening Ceremonies and several Medal Ceremonies.

It was fun to see my kids get excited and discuss what THEY were going to do to win a gold medal in the Olympics ;)

The big finish was when we walked outside and were able to see the Olympic Cauldron.  The kids loved and it could not believe how big it was.

We had a really great time today!  It is so rare to live in a place that has been host to an Olympic games, so I was really excited to venture out and show my kids first-hand some of the things we have been learning about all week!

And it got me REALLY excited to watch the upcoming Olympics! ;)