Skylar's Smoothie Shop

For my kids I always try to do something fun for breakfast on the morning of their actual birthday. Last year we did a fun princess theme for Skylar you can see HERE and a cute Dora breakfast adventure for Kendall you can see HERE. This year I tried to think of what type of things Skylar was really into and it came to me!! (There is a plus to being wide awake with a baby at 2 in the morning...lots of good thinking time!) Skylar is crazy about smoothies. She asks me every day if we can go to Jamba Juice and get a smoothie. So for her special day I created Skylar's Smoothie Shop with fun flavors to choose from and her very own menu.

I didn't get a good picture of them, but in the frames are the different choices the kids had for smoothies. We had "Blues"Berries and Cream, Garfields Grand Berry Mix, Strawberry's Banana Berry Bash, and Princess Peachy Pleasure. I just chose some of Skylar's favorite characters and scrapbooked a page for each flavor of smoothie.

This is the little sign I had hanging up when Skylar came downstairs. She was SO excited and couldn't wait to order her smoothie! :)

Here is the darling birthday girl herself!

And these are the menus I made. Once again I just scrapbooked the different choices including smoothies and muffin options, then printed them out and laminated them. Then I gave the kids dry erase markers and they circled what they wanted. I think their favorite part was that I wore an apron and pretended to be a waitress while I took their orders :)

Just a side note: As I was at the store trying to get all the ingredients for 4 different choices of smoothies I found Yoplait Smoothie Mixes. All you have to do is add milk and WALAHH!! The truly awesome thing was they had 4 different kinds and they just happened to be the 4 flavors I was already planning on making. SO, that made it much easier to make about a million smoothies (Skylar loved that the smoothie shop was open all day!)

Skylar's Smoothie Shop was a hit! It is so fun to try and find something that is special to your child and incorporate it into their special day. Now I just hope I can think of something to do for her next year....:)