Some fun birthday ideas for the little artist in your life

Just two days ago my Skylar turned 6 years old! I cannot believe it has already been 6 years since I held my little 4 pound baby for the first time. Now she is preparing for her Kindergarten graduation, reading everything she can get her hands on, performing in dance and trying out soccer for the first time, and being the best big sister and helper I could ever ask for.

Once again her birthday came RIGHT after the birth of our newest baby so we decided to just do a little something at our monthly family dinner. Skylar LOVES her cousins and was so excited to celebrate her special day with them.

For the last few months Skylar has become obsessed with coloring! She will sit at the table for hours just coloring away. I have loved seeing her develop this interest, and we thought it would make the perfect theme for her little party.

For the cupcakes we went very simple (remember....one week old baby here!:) I just made some yellow cake cupcakes and we frosted them in all different colors. Then just because Skylar and I thought they needed a little something more we stuck a crayon in each one. Sidenote: I found spray on food coloring at the store....LOVE IT!! It was SO much faster than using food coloring to color 6 different batches of frosting. This way I frosted all the cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and then quickly sprayed them whatever color I wanted.

For the activity at the party I found the coolest website that will allow you to upload any pictures that you have and it turns them into coloring pages! I simply uploaded pictures of all of the children and then printed out their very own coloring page. This is Skylar's...isn't it cute?! Just go to THIS website to get started on your very own personalized coloring pages.

Finally we made these adorable crayon treats for the little gift bags. You simply take pretzel rods, break them in half, then dip each end in melted white chocolate chips. Now, originally the directions tell you to color the chocolate...we had to improvise. Apparently the gel food coloring makes the melted chocolate harden instantly! Skylar saved the day when she suggested we just cover the melted chocolate with sprinkles! I actually think it turned out even cuter this way....the girls a genius I tell you! :)

THIS awesome site is where I found the directions for the crayons and the free printable crayon wrappers.

Then we wrapped four crayons in a cellophane bag, attached little name tags I made with my digital scrapbooking program and tied them all up with a ribbon. I think they turned out adorable and I am thinking these will have to be an annual back to school treat or teacher gift...they are just too cute! :)

Skylar LOVED her coloring party....it was bright and fun just like she is! Stay tuned for another fun birthday breakfast idea and cute baby pictures!! :)