How I'm spending my time these days

Yep, that's pretty much how I am spending my days :) Avrie is such a little sweetheart, I love the calming effect she has on me. Today Paul went back to work and it was my first day with all 4 of my kids. I couldn't believe how natural it all feels, like we have always had her. The best parts of my day are the quiet moments holding my new daughter, watching my 2 year old son give baby Avrie kisses, and even listen to my girls fight over who gets to hold her first :) She is such a blessing to us all, a little piece of heaven right here in our home.


Hollie Hanson

I love her!!!! Ok, and you too :) She is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to take her pics this weekend!
Isn't it amazing how they just slide right into our lives. LOVE it! So happy she is here and healthy!
Love you!

Miller Fam

CONGRATS Tonii!!! So happy for your growing family - officially a family of 6! She's beautiful. Hope you're feeling well!

Butters In The Kitchen

Oh she is so cute! It is crazy how fast they get big! Enjoy the snuggling time:)and Congrats!


So sweet! That calms me about "THINKING" of trying for no. 3!


She's beautiful Tonii!!!