4 is fun! :)

(Yes, I realize this picture really only has 3 kids...but you get the idea!:)

That is what I have decided the last few weeks....4 kids are so fun! :) Is it crazy? YES! Is it loud? YES! Have there been a few pull-my-hair-out moments? YES! Overall though, its been a really great transition. It makes my heart so happy to see my children show so much love to their new baby sister. Britton took a little bit longer coming around, but now he always wants to hold and kiss baby Avrie. Avrie is an angel, loves her sleep, so much in fact that my biggest struggle with her is keeping her awake long enough to eat. She is a teeny one, still is not even back up to her birth weight, weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds so we are trying to get that girl chubby! :)

I think you can find good in almost anything if you are willing to look for it, and this last pregnancy has truly made me see the good in a difficult end to a pregnancy. I am SO grateful for the opportunity that I have to take care of my children the way I want to. I am so grateful for a healthy body that although doesn't look QUITE how I would like it too, lets me do all the things I want to do for my family. I am grateful for 4 children that every single day make me smile, and every single day make me want to better. I am grateful for the Spirit that has come to our home with Avrie, I feel amazingly content and at peace. I am grateful for all the service that was shown to me and my family, and especially grateful that I can now serve others!! Sometimes I need to be reminded how lucky I am to be able to keep up a home, and run my kids to dance class and soccer practice. How lucky I am to be able to cook nutritious meals for my family and spend quality time with my husband. NOT being able to do these things has reminded me what a gift it all is...I hope this is something I can remember for a long time! :)