A Dora Birthday Breakfast Adventure!!

This post is also a little late, but hey, you do the best you can :) Several weeks ago was my daughter Kendall's 3rd birthday, and I knew I was going to have to get a little creative to make it special. We are still staying with Paul's parents so I knew a big party was out of the question. I finally came up with something a little bit similar to our Princess Breakfast Birthday Bash we did a few months ago, and I am please to say this one was just as fun!!

If you have ever seen Dora, you know every time they go on an adventure they have to go to different places before they reach the end...I tried to use this theme for our breakfast :)

First up the kids had to make it through the Fields of Fruit! I just printed out pictures of Dora and all her friends and then cut them out and taped them all around the table.

Our next stop was the Juicy River!!

Then finally we made it to Cereal Mountain....but oh no!! Is that Swiper I see?? Swiper no swipee!! (That was my kids favorite part :)

After we finished our breakfast Kendall got her Dora paper doll book, and we all sang, "We did, we did it, we did it, YAY!" SO cheesy, I know. But the kids had a ball, and afterwards Kendall said, "Who did this for me mommy?" I said that I had, and she gave me a huge hug :) Thats about as affectionate as you are going to get for that sassy little one.

I hope this sparked some ideas of things you can do that don't break the bank to make your little ones bday a little bit special!

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How cuute! I love this! Glad they enjoyed it and had a great time!


Sheesh...you are so creative. Love it!

Miller Fam

That's it! You should submit that idea so they can publish another Dora book ... soon to be made into a movie "Dora's Breakfast Adventure" starring Kendall Johnson! Love it Tonii! Thanks for the fun ideas.