It looks so easy...

Spray-painting, that is! I LOVE all the great projects I am seeing on different craft blogs these days that use a really inexpensive item and a little spray-paint to create something beautiful. I figured it would be pretty simple so off I went to the store! I had been looking for some artwork to go underneath some fabulous vinyl I put up in my daughters' room and found this picture at Tai Pan Trading for a whopping $2.50! I loved the print and could not stand the frame. That's where the spray paint came in :)

Spray painting is harder than it looks!! I kept spraying some parts way too much and having it drip and not spray other parts near enough showing way too much gold. Luckily the beautiful thing about this project was the fact that I was going for a shabby vintage look....so once I got a little sandpaper going it turned out just fine :)

Looks much better, right?! So after my first venture in spray-painting I am definitely going to keep at it, the possibilities are endless!! :)