Are you feeling lucky...

What a fun and busy St. Patricks Day we had this year!! I have to preface this with a disclaimer:

People, I know I go a little overboard, but here's the thing. I LOVE celebrating holidays with my kids. My mom always made holidays really special and I have some wonderful memories. Not only do I want my kids to have some of the same memories, but seriously, life is so short! I figure I'll probably only have around 20 St. Patricks Day's to celebrate with Skylar before she moves out, or marries, or something! And only about 7 or 8 more until she realizes what a dork I am! :) It's the same for each child, so my point is, I know its a little crazy but in the big scheme of things the opportunities we have to do these kinds of things with our children are so few! Anyways, back to the festivities...:)

I was so excited about our breakfast! The night before we had a really fun family home evening about rainbows so I thought these pancakes would be perfect! You can get the direct link to where I found them on my Fun at Home blog :)

We also decided to do a really simple craft, make our own leprechaun hats. The girls had a great time fingerpainting these paper bowls and covering them in glitter. And by covering them I mean I am still finding glitter everywhere, as is Britton :)

I think the girls' favorite part of the day was when they woke up from their naps only to find a trail of shamrocks leading them to....

Leprechaun Dust!! I made these fun bottles, filled them with pistachio pudding mix, and when the girls added milk and shook them up they had their afternoon snack! They both LOVED this and I think it will be a tradition from now on :)

And to end the day we had our traditional dinner, fettuccini alfredo, breadsticks and salad. I have to say, I was very excited on Thursday to eat food that WASN'T green :) Hope you had a great St. Patty's Day!!



Tonii, you make things look so fun. I wish I had half of your energy and creativity!!! I love you so much!

Kristin Anderson

So much fun! I love that you make everything that much more special. These kids are going to have the best memories of their mom when they are older.

Karlee Turner

I've said it once and I'll say it again...you are such a fun mom! Seriously, I hope I can be fun and creative when Beck is a little older! I've got less than a year :)

Miller Fam

So fun! I remember having your famous St. Patty's dinner dish last year. It was DELICIOUS!!! Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom.


Your blog is so cute. Very cute idea for dinner. I love your leprechaun dust idea. My kids would love this.


I am loving your blog. I have been going through it, one post at a time. We are very similar and I love all of your crafts and ideas. Your kids are adorable.
New follower


Hey what sized jar did you use? I am planning on doing this as part of our fun on Saturday!!!