My kind of Easter eggs

I was so proud of myself today. I had a vision, a vision of a yummy treat that I could easily make, that my kids and their friends could help me decorate, but mostly, that I came up with all by myself! Usually I gleen from others great ideas, but this time, I was feeling pretty proud of myself! As I was looking online for the exact rice krispie treat recipe ( I can never remember it!) I pulled up the Rice Krispies home page, and what do you know? There on the homepage front and center is the treat I was going to make! Oh man! And here I thought I was being so creative :) Oh well, it is still a really fun treat, so giving credit where credit is due, enjoy!

First you throw together a batch of rice krispie treats. If anyones wondering the official recipe calls for 10 oz bag of marshmallows, 3 tbsp butter and six cups of rice krispies :) After they have cooled off a little make egg shapes using plastic easter eggs sprayed with cooking spray.

After you have formed all the eggs you simply melt a bunch of chocolate chips, dip the eggs in the chocolate and then cover in sprinkles. I spray aluminum foil with cooking spray and then set the eggs in the fridge to harden.

A few hours later they are all ready to go! My awesome sister-in-law Camille taught me long ago the joy of cellophane, so once they are done into a bag they go, wrapped with ribbon and delivered to some of the best neighbors ever!


Jones Family

I love that idea. What a cute and inexpensive gift for the kids to give there friends.

PS... I will tell everyone it was an original from Tonni Johnson :D Who care that Rice Krispies stole it from you ;. I hear they have mind reading machines...LOL

Cory and Krista

That's so funny, I am making those with my girls tomorrow night. I saw them on a tv commercial. So cute!

Miller Fam

Yumm is all I have to say. :)


So cute!! Livi wants to make these today! They look yummy too!