Hi my name is Tonii, and I am addicted to....

Couponing!! I never thought I would be, but I'm telling you, its great!! I always wondered if it was worth my time once I cut them all out, made a shopping plan, and then drove to all the different stores. For me, I have figured out it definitely is! In the last few weeks I have cut my grocery budget in half and been able to continue adding to my food storage. It has been so wonderful to feel like I am somehow contributing to the finances. I KNOW that for me, right now, my place is absolutely at home raising my kids. Its what I've always wanted to do and what I LOVE to do. So although I am not bringing in any money, I am making sure the money that we do have is stretching alot further. Here are my favorite sites that make all my amazing deals possible :)


Happy Saving!! :)


Miller Fam

You go girl! I love the hip2save site. I ordered some sweet Croc shoes for like $4 or something and I'm getting a $1 off our Jamba Juice today. :) A dollar saved can go a long way. Thanks for the tips!

Steven & Becky Heumann

I need to get re-addicted! Every since Albertsons got bought out I just feel like I can't get any great deals on things that I actually use...it is frustrating.

The Rissa and Alex Family

I am addicted too. My husband makes fun of me, but deep down I know he is proud of the money we've been saving. Keep up the good work!