My girls are so very lucky to have each other. I always dreamed of having a sister growing up, don't get me wrong, my brothers are awesome, but a sister would have been pretty cool.

Lately it has brought me JOY to see my two girls together. Please, don't get me wrong, they fight like cats and dogs, but those rare sweet moments when they just love each other make my heart melt. I am so glad they have each other. Today Kendall was in time out and Skylar said "When can Kendall come out...I miss my best friend."

I need moments like that. Sometimes I feel crazy for wanting more kids, and wanting them so close together, but I can't help it I just do. I feel like everything around me tells me I don't have enough money, or a big enough house, or a big enough car. I'm still so young, whats the rush? I still need to lose more baby weight and I certainly don't have it all together! It's tempting to listen to those voices at times, but moments like today make me see whats really important. I love the joy my children bring not only to me and Paul but also to their siblings. I know, for us, there are more special Spirits that are meant for this family.

And no, this is not an announcement, just some thoughts I have had running around in my head lately :) I mean come on, look at these darlings...who wouldn't want more!?


The Rissa and Alex Family

I love this post and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. My boys drive me crazy sometimes with how they fight but then when they hug after a time out and they continue to play it is so sweet. I love it. Isn't being a mom great?? I feel crazy for having my kids so close but I wouldn't have it any other way. They love having each other. :) Your family is adorable.


Okay, you just made my day! After being so worried about sisters (I never had any either as you know). I am so very excited for my little terror to have a baby sister, and for them to be best friends! I hate those voices that make you question yourself, but it is why we are truly here. To find JOY in our posterity! Imagine years and years from now... Grandkids! What a JOY! And YOU just get to spoil them!!! Such a blessing! I couldn't agree with you more on this post, and thank you for posting I was so worried, but it all works out, and we are all here for each other!