What to do, what to do...

Lately I've been trying to decide what to do with this blog. I love being able to record some fun things about my darling family, and I will continue to do that! But I have been really inspired by many of the blogs out there, I feel like I want there to be a little more to it. I think I finally figured it out!

Once a week I am going to post about my attempt to "Cut the chaos, one week at a time!" Pretty exciting, huh? :) Once a week I will post something, it can be big or small, that is making my life a little too chaotic and the solution I have come up with to fix it!!

I am really excited about this for two reasons: First off, if anyone can benefit from something I am doing, then right on! But even more importantly, I figure a few months of this and my life will be sufficiently less chaotic. Some of the weeks will be big projects, and some of them will be silly little things that most people had probably all thought of years ago ;) But in short, it is my attempt to clear out the clutter and chaos in my life, so I can more clearly see the joy and the blessings that are all around!

So stay tuned on Monday for the very first installment of "Cutting the chaos, one week at a time!"



Bring it on. I'm ready to have you tackle "the chaos" and me reap the rewards of you finding the solution. I'll be waiting for Monday. :-)