Cutting the chaos, Week 1!!

I am so excited for this!! I love having a deadline for projects and being accountable, so here we are! As promised, my first way of cutting a little bit of the chaos out of our lives. Now just so we are clear, I am not claiming that these will all be original ideas, no, I am not that creative :) But hopefully it will inspire you to pick just one little thing to cut the chaos in your lives. So here we go:

As a mother of two darling little girls I often find hair clips, headbands, elastics etc all around the house. This has been our current system for keeping track of them

I am keeping it real folks, that is exactly what our basket looked like yesterday. I am sure by the end of all these projects you will be amazed, repulsed, amused, and confused by the sheer volume of chaos abounding in our home ;)

Obviously something had to be done!! I have seen tons of cute ways to organize clips and hair bows, and here is my take on it

The great thing about this project was that I was able to make it almost completely using items from around my house, meaning it was practically FREE :) This will be a big factor in all of these kinds of posts ;) I simply took a magnet board that I had previously been using as a chore chart. It was one of those projects that looked really great in my head, and much much worse in person :) So I took the board, painted the frame, hot glued these cute strips of ribbon, added 3 magnetic hooks for headbands and elastics, a few embellishments, and instant organization. Not only that, but its also going to be a very cute decoration for the girls room too.
I gotta tell you, I just love walking into the girls room and seeing this beautifully organized clip holder :) But one thing I noticed after I made it was, I needed some cute new clips. So I made some new ones :) If you haven't done this before I highly recommend it! It was SO easy, get some fake flowers, hair clips, tulle and rhinestones, hot glue it all together, and VOILA! Ok, they're not perfect, but my girls love them and I love that I was able to make darling flower clips for my girls for under a dollar a piece!

And here are those beautiful daughters I was talking about, Skylar in her cute Easter outfit rocking two of her new clips, and Kendall is NOT rocking a skirt because she had an accident in it earlier that morning. I told you people, keeping it real! :)

I love organization!! It makes mundane tasks like doing my daughters hair simpler, less time consuming and cute to look at :) Have a great day everyone!


Steven & Becky Heumann

Elese's hair stuff has been driving me CRAZY lately! This is a great thing for me to work on this week. My mom used to always make bows for me and I need to do it too. Where do you usually shop for your clips and ribbon?


You are a genius! Genius woman!I am sure I will be running into this problem as well, for now they are stuffed in a drawer!

Kim Milius

My sister-in-law gave me a "bow board" for my baby shower when we had our little girl a few months ago . . . they are soooo cute up on the wall & do keep things organized. I love it!


Love the cutting the chaos series. Can't wait to see more cute ideas!