Mini Me

Skylar Ann, my own personal mini-me :) She is like me in so many ways. She looks so much like I did when I was little. She loves everything girly and loves to pose for the camera. She has so many fears and is pretty much scared of everything. She has my little nose and little ears.

The thing I love the most about Skylar is that I totally "get" her. When she reacts a certain way to something, I understand. When she is terrified of trying something new, I understand. When she starts to cry her "happy tears", I understand. She is just like me. Then we had a conversation the other day that made me realize I want to be just like her.

Skylar has a lot of special qualities but one that has always stood out is her sensitivity to the Spirit and her thirst for knowledge of the gospel. We were driving to dance class and she asked me why Jesus died for us. It's difficult to explain something as infinite and amazing as the atonement, especially as I am always learning and trying to understand more about it myself. I told her how we had a council in heaven, how there were two plans, how we chose to follow Jesus. Then I explained the need for a Savior, the way our Father allowed for his mercy to compensate for our sins. I told her that what it all came down to was love. I told her that Jesus loved her so much he would have done it all, even if it was just for her. She was really quiet, and finally she said "Mom, is that story really true?" I told her I knew that it was true, and if she ever wondered she could pray to Heavenly Father and he would tell her so she could know for herself. Then she said "No, thats ok. I have that really good feeling in my heart, and last night I had a dream about Jesus. I was talking to Him." This peaked my interest and I asked her what He said. She replied "He said, 'I made you, and I love you'"

Isn't that really it? Isn't that what it all comes down to? He made us, He knows us, and He loves us. Skylar reminds me that it really is that SIMPLE. Easy, no, but simple, yes. This Easter I am grateful for the opportunity to focus on my Savior. To remember the simple truths, He knows me and He loves me.

Even though Skylar is so much like me, I think the more I become like her the more I become like my Savior. I am so thankful for my mini-me, that every day is helping me become a BETTER me.



What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing this Easter weekend.


Wow, I love that story! Thanks for that, I needed that. This conference, I felt it was a lot about the responsibility of the parents - especially a mother... You are a terrific example!