Utah Blogger Meet-Up!

 Last week I had the FANTASTIC opportunity to attend a local-blogger get-together with some wonderful ladies!

Gotta be honest here...I was SUPER intimidated and pretty much just hoped to walk away from the night not feeling like a total goober :)  I know in the world of blogging I am a small fish in a big pond...but I was thrilled to meet some really fantastic women that are doing wonderful things on their respective blogs.

How cute are these two?!  Lindsay from Southern Lovely and Becca from Gardners 2 Bergers put this whole event together.  They were so genuine and sweet, thanks for the wonderful night ladies!

And these were the fun ladies I got to spend the evening with.  It was so great to meet bloggers from all different niches...whether it be cooking, home decorating, DIY or lifestyle.  I love being around creative people...it can't help but rub off on you a little bit :)

Amanda * Elisabeth * Ruthie * Aimee * Me * Debra * Lindsay * Marissa * Erin * Becca * Beth *Mary

Not only did we have a great night of wonderful conversation and good food...but some amazing sponsors totally spoiled us with some great swag :)

Ginger from GingerSnap Crafts gave us these fantastic chalkboard labels...OH the possibilities!!

Cut It Out gave 2 lucky winners an awesome package of frames...JEALOUS ;)

What was that?  Would I like a gift card to MyVinyl Direct?  Why yes...yes I would!!
Seriously, they have just about any color you could ever want.

The night kept getting better...my favorite local store gave us a gift card as well...THANK YOU SexyModest Boutique.  I just happened to be sporting a tank, necklace and my favorite mint cardi  from SexyModest that same night :)  To say I enjoy that store would definitely be an understatement.

 And finally these delicious Cake Bites were provided from Sweet Tooth Fairy.  They were only the best Cake Bites I have ever had.  I had the one with the green drizzle...mint.  And the one with the yellow drizzle...lemon.  And the one with the....okay, just kidding.  I had to stop myself at 2 ;)

Thank you Becca and Linsay for such a lovely night.  I was happy to be introduced to so many amazing bloggers and get to know the women behind some of my favorite blogs!


Bunch of Bishops

How fun!!! What a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers :)


I had the best time meeting YOU! I am so glad you didn't back out & came for a fun night! If I lived here, we would be getting together with our kids all of the time. :) One day..

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops}

It was great to meet and chat with you! I LOVE the design of your header and tab bar! What a great blog :)


DItto both Lindsay and Erin's comments!
It was such a pleasure to meet you! You are a total sweetheart and I am so excited to be introduced to your darling blog! You are one talented lady!
I look forward to following along and seeing what else you come up with!!
xo Becca

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Fun! I'm like you I totally feel intimidated thinking about attending a blogger conference! I guess we are our own worst enemy , huh?

Kristi McInerney

New Follwer from the hop!

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