Mini 4th of July Ice Cream Sandwiches


We have been having a busy, FUN summer so far!  I haven't been blogging because I have been trying to just soak in all of the fun of swimming, splash parks, reunions, and more :)

However, I seriously realized this weekend...it is the 4th of July tomorrow!!!  I haven't decorated or done too many activities but I cannot let a holiday pass me by without doing SOMETHING  to make it feel a little more special.  This quick, easy snack is not something I came up with, but it is so easy to make and my kids LOVED having it for their after lunch snack!

At our local grocery store they had mini ice cream sandwiches on sale for $2 a package!  I thought that was a great deal for 16 sandwiches...and I LOVE anything mini :)  It's just so darn cute!  Then I dumped out some red, white and blue sprinkles in a bowl and dipped each side of the sandwich in until the whole thing was coated in sprinkles.

My kids loved them, and it was fun to do something a teensy bit festive :)

So if you are like me, and this holiday has completely snuck up on you...don't worry about it!!  There are lots of fun, SIMPLE ways to make holidays special for your kiddos.  The most important thing is spending time together, being with family, and renewing our gratitude for this blessed country we live in!