Our Summer Schedule!

 Now that we are more than 1/3 of the way through summer, I thought I would share our summer schedule that we are absolutely LOVING!!

It took me a while to figure out what would work for our family.  I wanted a schedule that would add a little bit of structure to our summer, but also needed something that would allow us to enjoy one of the best perks of summer...freedom!!  I love that we aren't tied to anything, but we also need to get out of the house...and my kids THRIVE on consistency and routine.  This has proved to be perfect for our family!

All we have done is have a theme for each weekday.  Every week the activities are different, but they go along with the daily theme.

First up:

Monday is our project day.  This is a project that I need to get done, that the kids help with.  So far we have cleaned out the playroom, put 72-hour kits together, weeded the front yard, etc.  It is a great way to get things done that I need to get done, and help teach my kids that as fun as summer is...there is work to be done too!

 Every Tuesday we go to our library for story time and then check out books for the next week.  It works out perfectly because we can choose books that go with whatever we are learning about that week...and going every Tuesday means no more late fees for me ;)

Every Wednesday we make sure to go SOMEWHERE outside.  It's worked out that we have a neighborhood playgroup every Wednesday, so we are always at a park, splash pad, or swimming.  It's great to ensure that we get out of the house and the kids get to play with their friends!

Thursday is probably our favorite day of the week.  This is the day we go on a field trip!  Some weeks we go places to learn more about the theme of the week (like the Olympic Park, Dinosaur Museum, or Planetarium) and some weeks we just go somewhere that sounds like fun to us!  The point is, we go on an adventure together as a family, my kids absolutely LOVE it!

Finally Friday is our baking day.  We have lots of fun whipping up a yummy treat or snack and the kids love being in the kitchen with me.  

So that's our Summer Schedule...what do you think?!  I love that it gives us a bit of routine, without the rigidity of the school year.  Its been a great way to ensure we do lots of fun things and don't let summer pass us by, without overwhelming me and leaving my kids bored and whiny ;)

I would love to hear...do YOU have a Summer Schedule that you love?!

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Sounds like a pretty awesome summer schedule! You have the cutest little kiddos, and you are such a fun mom! Excited to meet you next week!

Danielle Wagasky

I love your summer schedule. We do something similar. So fun for the littles!

The Harding Family

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! You are such an amazing mother Tonii... I soo have to remember this post, I think this summer is to crazy but next summer for sure!!

Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

That's great! I love how you have it broken down! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!


You are so cute. I love all your ideas. We miss you up here in Herriman. I hope we see you on Tuesday at Jessica's shower.

Tonia L

What a fun schedule! Our summers are all over the place with no schedule but we have been enjoying it!

Tamika Rybinski

I totally agree with you, having a routine is a summer must for us. We have a similar routine. We are having Camp Mom to get things done as well as have fun!

Tamika @ www.notimefortea.com

Jess@Balancing The Dream

that is a fantastic summer schedule!! I always love having different things to do everyday! it keeps things interesting and the babies happy!!!