Field Trip Thursday...at the Clark Planetarium!

 Today was Field Trip Thursday and we ventured out to our local Clark Planetarium!

Since we were focusing on the Sun today, I made sure to pack a snack I thought my kids would enjoy ;)

Once we got there, the kids were totally enthralled with every single exhibit.  Britton ran right over to the astronaut exhibit and pressed his little nose right up against the glass :)

Far and away, the kids favorite thing was the cloud simulator.  They learned all about water vapor and how clouds are formed.  They kept yelling, "Look mom!!  I'm holding a cloud!!" :)

We really focused on learning about the sun at the Planetarium, and they had a really fun exhibit that talked about solar energy versus other types of energy.  The kids had to spin these wheels until they could get one of the lights to light up...totally loved it!

What kid doesn't love the big "Lightening Ball"?  

Yeah...I have no idea what that is really called but Skylar's name for it works great for me :)

I loved seeing my kids imaginations in full force as the walked across the moon...

and jumped around the red planet.

One of the best part of visiting the Clark Planetarium?  It's FREE!  There is a charge for any of the movies they show, but even without seeing a movie the kids and I spent over an hour at all the different hands-on exhibits that were offered.  

We had such a good time at the Clark Planetarium, I LOVE when we can spend the week learning about something and then let the kids experience it as hands-on as possible.  

Make sure and stop by tomorrow for some great moon activities...have a wonderful day!


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

We LOVE the Clark Planetarium! It doesn't get any better than free + educational, right?!!

We should plan a Thursday field trip together and meet in real. :)


What a very fun day! I'm sure the kids had the best time--great pictures! You are such a fun mom!


I love how you incorporated SUN with the snacks! So creative! Too bad we moved out of state and don't get to enjoy the Clark Planetarium anymore!


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