Field Trip Thursday...Aquarium Scavenger Hunt

Today we had a great field trip to our local Aquarium.  One thing I like to do to make these trips a little more fun, is to occasionally make a Scavenger Hunt for my kids to do while we are there.  It just adds an extra element of fun, especially if its somewhere you have been before!

I made this printable really quickly before we left this morning and it was a HIT!  I stuck a few copies in page protectors and clipped them on a clipboard.  Using dry erase markers the kids either circled the animal when we saw it or my older girls would spell out the names of the animals.  The kids would get so excited every time we saw an animal from our list, it really added to the excitement! ;)

Feel free to click on the picture to print out your own! ;)

Here are just a few pics from Instagram...what did I do before Instagram?! 

Kendall's favorite, the sea turtles!

I love jelly fish!  They are almost hypnotic to watch, such amazing creatures.

EVERY time we go to the aquarium the kids number one task is to Find Nemo :)  Delighted screams were heard all around when they spotted the little guy today ;)

Britton's favorite...the sharks!

And these crazy animals?  These ones are my favorite :)

Thanks for visiting today...I hope you liked something that you saw and you come back soon! :)



What an adorable day! I bet the kids had the best time! You have been busy doing such fun thing with the your kiddos lately!


I love the scavenger hunt idea! It makes it so much more interactive!