Do YOU love Washi Tape?!

I don't know about you...but I LOVE Washi Tape! It is the quickest way I know to cute things up, from cards to vases to anything you want!

Today Pick Your Plum is offering an AMAZING deal on adorable Washi Tape...but you have to get it quick!  Once they are sold out its GONE.  I already ordered a pack of each...oh the crafting possibilities :)

If you have never visited Pick Your Plum...check it out!  Every day they post a new deal for crafty supplies...some of the cutest stuff around, and you can't beat the price.

Now I need some inspiration...what are some of your favorite ways to use Washi Tape?!!



Yes, I LOVE Washi Tape. I saw that deal this morning, I may have to pick some up!


You know, I have never tried it. I guess I should just buy some so I know what I am missing. :)


I love washi tape! I'd love to use some for some blog business cards.

Jessi W

Stopping by from the Mingle With Us blog hop, I'm your newest GFC follower!


Visiting from the Mingle With Us blog hop. I bought all of those colors from PYP today!

Here is some inspiration for you :)


I'm your newest follower!

Frugal and Fun Mom

I learned about something new. Never hear of Washi Tape before. Stopping by from the blog hop! New Follower via Pinterest.Frugal and Fun Mom

Jackie Koll

Stopping by from the blog hop - the craft/snack ideas I've seen are so cute - look forward to seeing more!