Where Does Love Come From craft

We read the sweetest book and did a fun little craft to go along with it.

This is a sweet book about where love comes from. Does it blow in the wind? Does it bloom in the garden? In the end we find out what we already knew, true Love comes from your heart. It was a sweet little book that my oldest daughter enjoyed reading to all of us.

The thing that caught my eye about this book was the cute heart cut-outs on each page. The kids loved trying to guess what was on the next page and seeing through each heart. It inspired our heart craft for this week :)

All we did for our craft was get out 12x12 piece of cardstock and some paint. Then I got out all the different paint brushes I had and let the kids go at it. They made polka dots, they used their fingers, they mixed the colors...it was awesome! It was fun to see how free they felt, and what they would come up with when they had no instruction. They especially loved seeing how the colors changed when they were mixed together. They were having so much fun, I got into it myself! :)

Once we were all done painting we took another white 12x12 paper and folded it in half. Then I cute some hearts in different sizes and we placed the cut-outs over our paintings. The kids LOVED seeing their finished creations, and the girls helped me cut the hearts for their masterpieces.

I love how our projects turned out! The kids had a great time experimenting with paint and seeing they could create something truly beautiful.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and have a great weekend!!



One Artsy Mama



This looks like a fun craft! I might have to try it some time!


This is really sweet! What a fun craft night! Memories you are making with them are so great!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

I LOVE everything about this! I had a hard time finding good Valentine's stories this year. I'll definitely have to check this one out.

JDaniel4's Mom

What a wonderful book and project! Your children are so creative!

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