Playdough Snowmen...who needs the real stuff?!

Hello everyone!!

Did we all survive the Valentines? :) Gotta be honest...as much as I LOVE holidays, I also love putting every thing away and getting back to our normal routine. Yesterday was a nice, quiet day and it was actually quite lovely! We did a fun little snowman activity since we are reading all about snowmen this week and wanted to share.

Do you guys all read The Imagination Tree? If you don't and you have small kids...you should!! It is one of the best educational blogs for children I have found. She is so creative and really loves the hands on approach to teaching your children and learning through play. I already shared her Chocolate Playdough recipe I used for my Chocolate Playdough Valentines, but today I am sharing her White Playdough Recipe.

Yesterday my kids woke up to SNOW!! They were so excited, you see, they have been dying to go outside and build a snowman. Well, as I expected, by the time school was out the snow was over and whatever was on the ground had now completely melted. Since we didn't have the real stuff, I figured we could make some cute little guys with our White Playdough I whipped up during nap time.

So fun! You can find the recipe HERE for your very own White Playdough.
It's hard to tell in these pictures but it was also sparkly which the kids totally loved :) One note, when I made this it was really runny. As I was kneading it, I just kept adding more and more flour til it became a texture I could work with.

Once we had our "snowballs" all ready to go all we needed were some chocolate chips and baby carrots to finish off our little guys.

Now let the fun begin!!

Halfway through the kids ran outside and scavenged for some twigs for arms...I thought these turned out SO cute. We played for almost and hour with our new playdough. After we were done doing snowmen I would roll it out flat and the girls would use one of the twigs to write notes to me or practice letters. It was a really great activity!

So if your kids are feeling a little cheated about no snow, whip them up some of your very own! :) Really guys...it takes literally 5 minutes and your kids will love it!
Have a wonderful, wonderful day!!

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Seven Alive




Aw, I love this! What a fun activity! You have the cutest little ones!


Great project! My little ones would love this, thanks for sharing the recipe as well.
Thank you for linking up to my "Get Creative" party this week!

Love Sweet Love

Eeeek I totally LOVE this!! We woke up to snow too and we were all excited (even ME since there hasn't been very much this year!!) and were so disappointed it was gone and melted by the afternoon! SO wish I would have thought to do something like this, but I'm so happy you shared so we can do it soon! Love Love!

Cara :)

I LOVE this idea! :)Your kids are so lucky to have you! - I can't believe how much Skylar looks like you in these pictures!!

Michelle Paige

What a fun and adorable activity!


We never have snow and my kiddos feel jipped every year. We are going to have to try this for sure. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

JDaniel4's Mom

These are so cute! What fun snowmen!


How much do I love that you use baby food containers to hold playdough? Oh, the good ideas are aplenty on this blog!


I am trying her recipe and mine is ridiculously runny! When you say that you kept adding more flour to fix yours, do you mean cornstarch or did you add all-purpose flour to it too? And did it end up a normal consistency (i.e. like other homemade playdough recipes)? Thanks!


Hey Susannah! Mine was crazy runny too. I made it originally with the cornstarch, but afterwards when it was SO runny I just kept adding normal all-purpose flour til I could work with it. It was a little more grainy at first, but after I kneaded for a bit it got really smooth like all the other playdough I make. I hope this helps!!


Thanks - I'll try adding flour then!