Smiling this Sunday

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

There are so many things that are making me smile this week, but I wanted to share just a few.

If we are talking about things that make me smile, you can bet my kids will usually be at the top of my list. I've been trying to hard lately to turn off the tv, step away from the computer and just BE with them. It is amazing how funny, imaginative and CUTE they are! :) Most nights after we eat dinner the 3 older kids get into their "excercise clothes" and come downstairs. They then run wild around the house for at least 30 minutes, chasing each other, doing somersaults, tackling daddy, and more. It is such a silly litle thing, but I love how much fun they have and picturing them in their little "excercise" outifts always makes me smile (especially Britton in his swimsuit!;)

I LOVE Valentines Day! The fact that it is only 2 days away brings a huge smile to my face. In my family growing up, we always got visits from the Valentine's Man after dinner on Valentines Day. The Valentines Man knocks on your door, but when you answer it he is NEVER there! BUT...he always leaves little gifts for the kids. The fun part is...you never know how many times he is going to come! The gifts he brings are small, but the fun and excitement are HUGE! This is probably my favorite holiday tradition we had growing up, and I love sharing it now with my kids too.

Finally, participating in Service Bootcamp is bringing a HUGE smile to my face today! This week I have tried every day to do a small act of service. It has been so interesting as I am learning...the service is blessing me probably more than those I am actually serving. Some of my acts of service have been bigger, and some have been terribly small, but each has taught me something.

Last Tuesday I woke up at 5 like I do every weekday morning to go to the gym. After the gym I hurried over to Walmart to pick up a few things before I had to be home so Paul could get to work. I was rushing so I wouldn't be home late, and specifically went to the NO coupon register. I know that Tuesday is double coupon day so I knew I would be late if I got stuck behind someone with coupons. I run over to the register with the big no coupon sign...only to be stuck in line behind a girl with about a MILLION coupons! I'm not gonna lie...I was irritated. I don't like this about myself, but when I get like that, I tend to get kind of bratty and passive aggresive. I'm never outright mean, but I make it pretty obvious I am bugged (NOT my finest quality, for SURE!) As I stood there, the thought came to me, "This is your opportunity for service today. Instead of being grumpy and snotty, you will treat this girl kindly." SO small, right?! The crazy thing was, I started talking to the girl and she was in some serious need of a little kindness at that moment. She apologized profusely, told me that they had told her to come into that lane. She had just had a baby 8 weeks before and because of severe carpel tunnel syndrome during her pregnancy she was having surgery that morning on both of her hands. Her sweet little baby that was with her at 6:30 in the morning had a double ear infection and was obviously in a lot of pain. She was in huge hurry because she needed to get the baby to the Instacare, before her surgery. Long story short-she had a long horrible night and she was preparing to have a long, painful few days as well. It didn't cost me anything to be kind to her, and I left feeling SO glad I had not added to an already stressful day for this young mother.

I am grateful for the chance I have to focus on serving this month. I smile as I think about not only those that are being served, but hopefully the way I am learning and growing as well. Something so small...but that had an impact on me.

I hope you are all finding LOTS of things to smile about in your lives today! I will be back tomorrow with a simple, fun scavenger hunt for your kids on Valentines Day!


JDaniel4's Mom

It sounds like a wonderful week. We spend the weekend at our church's missions conference. It was wonderful.

Michelle Paige

Ah--sometimes God puts us right where He wants us to be. We have the choice to lose or use the opportunity. You totally 'used' it! Way to go!


Aw, I love the store about the grocery store. I bet your day went much more smoothly when you decided to be kind to the lady in line. And I bet she as happy to have a conversation with someone, so it's a win-win! Thanks for sharing Tonii!


What a neat experience. You're such a great example. Have a great day.
PS- I saw a man at the Gym last week working out on his swimming trunks so your little guy is right on style. :)