Smiling this Sunday

I decided I wanted to have Sundays on my blog full of things throughout the week that brought joy to me. I'm still working on trying to focus on the 99% in my life :)

Some of them will be little things, some will be big, but I can think of NO better way to go into a new week than remembering all the GOOD in my life.
So sit back and relax...and see all the things that are making me smile today.

This one is pretty self-explanatory :) This was my little bug after she woke up from her nap the other day. She looked so happy and chubby it was all I could do to not just squeeze and squeeze. She has just stared scooting ALL over the house. She is very content because she can be on the go...but I am having to vacuum about 5-6 times a day! That little girl will scoot by 47 toys to get that ONE beautiful piece of fluff! She looks just like my oldest daughter, sometimes looking at her takes me back 6 years. I love my little Avrie bug.

This picture was taken just a little over a year ago. It is a picture of my 3 older kids, their 2 second cousins, and their Great Grandpa Howard. Grandpa Howard passed away a week ago yesterday and as I was going through my emails I found this picture he sent me. I LOVE this picture. I LOVE that my children got to know their Great Grandpa. Because of different family situations he wasn't a part of my life growing up at all, and I never thought we would be close. For me to be able to spend the last few years communicating with him, and having my children love him and he love them...it has been such a blessing to me. A reminder that it is NEVER too late to build relationships. I am so grateful for all he was able to give to my little family, we are better for knowing and loving him.

This picture makes me smile because this is how my kids ALWAYS are. They are always smiling, looking all put together, hugging each other, singing sweet songs together, and telling me constantly what a great mother I am.
HA! Not quite! :) This picture makes me smile today because it reminds me that somewhere down deep...my kids might actually like each other.
They fight. All the time. Everyone assures me this is normal, but after the week we have had...I needed a little proof that they CAN sit next to each other for 5 minutes without screaming, pulling hair, kicking or crying.

On Christmas day I finished a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 40 days. It sounds cliche to say it was life-changing...but it truly was. I am smiling today because my Dad and I together are going to do something similar with the New Testament. I am so excited to dive into the life of the Savior, and to share that experience with my dad.

Finally I am smiling today because of this fantastic blog I found. She is doing a month-long service boot camp...a way to get you and your families to serve, in any way you can! As soon as I saw it I enlisted me and my troops...and I can't wait to get started. We are doing a fun fhe tomorrow night that is our monthly service project...I will be sure to let you know how it goes!!

So now its your turn...what things are making YOU smile today?? :)


Michelle Paige

A sweet post! I'm going to check out the service project blog you mentioned...thanks.

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Aww.. your Avrie girl is so sweet! All your kids are gorgeous! Im smiling because mine are finally in bed :) hehe


Your kids are adorable! I've enlisted in the service boot camp too so I can't wait to see your fhe. You always come up with the cutest ideas.

Tonia L

What adorable little kiddos you have! They just make my heart melt!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Such a great post!! My two boys have been fighting a lot lately too and it makes every day life so stressful some times. Glad to hear i's normal. haha!

I can't believe how big your baby girl is. It seems like just yesterday I was reading that she was born. She is beautiful!