A little back to school fun!

I know I am ridiculously late on this, but some of these pics were too fun not to share! This was a big year for us, my oldest daughter starting Kindergarten! She was so ready and not the least bit scared. I wanted to make sure it was really memorable for her, and do something special so she would know how much I love her and look forward to the first day of school from here on out :)

I had heard of the book "The Kissing Hand" from several people and figured I had to include it in our back to school traditions. If you haven't read it, you should!! As I read it to Skylar while we ate our back to school breakfast I couldn't help but cry, it is such a sweet story with a wonderful message for any child that is nervous or scared about any kind of big change in their life. (The funny part was Skylar kept saying, "Why is he scared to go to school Mom? I can't wait for school!":)

As far as breakfast goes, Skylar loved it!! (Please tell me you can see that is supposed to be a big pencil...my husband couldn't figure out why I would make her a rocket for her first day of school!;) Its just sliced strawberries for the eraser, pancakes for most of the pencil, whipped cream and chocolate for the top! Quite delicious if I do say so myself :)

And here is the big Kindergartener herself! She is such a poser...cracks me up all the time! Kendall (and maybe me) cried when she left to go to school, it is a big change in our lives. Kendall has never taken a nap without Skylar in the room with her, and I miss our carefree, easygoing days. With that all said...school is the best thing for Skylar. She needs that social interaction and she LOVES to learn. It is an adjustment, but we are loving it.

And of course, you must have fun snacks when you get home from school! I made these for my Young Women last year when they went back to school and have been planning them for my own kids ever since. I got the idea from Family Fun, you simply make cupcakes, frost them, and then use chocolate covered graham crackers as the chalkboard. I used the white Good and Plenty's for the chalk, and just frosting for the apples (I KNEW I was forgetting the skittles at the store!!)

That night when Skylar went to bed she said "I wish EVERY day could be the first day of school!" Mission accomplished folks! There are so many hardships in life, sometimes I look at my kids and feel scared about all they are going to have to deal with. One thing I can do to counter those hardships is to make sure I don't let any of these fun FIRSTS pass us by without celebrating and finding joy in them!! Hope everyone had a great Back to School! ( And lets be totally honest...I am loving 3 hours of my day with one less munchkin to chase around!:)


Hollie Hanson

I won't lie, I saw a rocket too. ha ha ha. :)
School is a total adjustment! Even if it's just 2.5 hours! I spoiled Damon a bit the first week, poor guy felt so left out.
Skylar is adorable!!!
And FYI- I am coming to hunt you down at the boutique Saturday :D You can run, but you can't hide!!!!