Friend Week at our Preschool

This week is focused on learning all about friends! This was a difficult week to plan because lots of the activites actually include "friends" (duh!:) Since I only have Kendall in the preschool I had to tweak some things to make it work.
I am really looking forward to preschool this week....wanna know why? Because we didn't end up doing it last week! Life took over and got a little crazy, so we are back at it this week and I can't wait! Here are the fun things we have planned:
Color of the Week (Pink)
Number of the Week (3)
Sound Bag
Read "Rainbow Fish" Book
Friendship Boats: Have child sit on the floor with you. Face each other and touch your outstretched legs together. Finally lean forward and grab one anothers hands. Then lean one way then the other in a rowing fashion while you sing 'Row row row your boat'
Two by Two Movement Activities: Play roll or toss the ball, skip across the room together, hop together, run, march, etc
Coloring Page
Rainbow Fish Craft: goes along with the book we read
Snack time (If you can think of anything that goes along with this theme, please let me know!! I was drawing a huge blank!)
Color of the Week (Pink)
Number of the Week (3)
Letter C Tracer Page
Sound Bag
Read "Rainbow Fish"
Measure My Friend activity: Have you and your child take turns measuring each other with string. Lie down on the floor and let your child measure you with string and then cut it. After you can compare the strings!
Fingerprint Comparison: Show your child how your fingerprints are different by stamping them on white paper
My New Friend Worksheet: I am just going to let Kendall name everyone that is her friend and have her draw one persons picture on the worksheet.
Make Friendship Bracelets
Snack Time



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