A fun educational game for at home or on the road

A few months ago we were planning a trip to California, and I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to keep my kids entertained. I was inspired by THIS post, and came up with this matching activity that my girls couldn't get enough of! The nice thing about this game is, you can change it up all the time, and since we have been home I have used it for tons of different things!

I think magnetic stuff is totally the way to go for car trips...then the kids arent dropping all the pieces everywhere and driving YOU crazy :) So I simply got a 24-ct mini muffing tin, sheets of magnets, scrapbook paper and stickers. You cut the magnets into squares to fit over the muffin tin and then cover the other side of the magnets with cute paper
This is what your finished product looks like. Now here is the great part: you can fill the tin with anything you want depending on the age and level of your children! For Skylar on this trip I made magnets of upper and lowercase letters and she had to find the matches.

(Sorry, not the best picture, but you get the idea!)

For Kendall I am using it this week as we are learning about the farm. One of our activities is to match baby animals to their mommy animals. I made magnets out of pics I printed online and we are going to do a matching game tomorrow. One other fun thing the kids LOVED in the car was I would put different colored Skittles in the tin, and they would have to try and find another one that had the same color...it was a hit! :)


Kim Milius

Very cute idea! We do a 14 hour drive from Colorado to Arizona at least twice a year & I have a feeling this will go over great for the car trip!