Back to school!!

Preschool, that is!!!
I was so sad when I realized because of where we live I would'nt be able to take Kendall to the preschool I had been planning on. Skylar attended A Childs Garden Preschool for two years and loved EVERY minute of it! I was so looking forward to Kendall having some of those same experiences but if the last few months have taught me nothing else, I have learned the need to be flexible, adjust, and make the best of a new situations.
So with all that said, my solution was to do my very own preschool with Kendall, one-on-one! I have had SO much fun putting it all together and I thought I would share it with you so if you want to do something similar it will be all right here in one little place. Most of these ideas came from these great preschool resources: Preschool Express, Preschool Education and Everything Preschool.
Now as usual, I must warn you, I am a huge dork! But if I am going to do something, I like to do it right :) So here is our agenda for our little preschool:
1:30- Welcome Song / Pledge of Allegiance
1:40- Singing Time / Nursery Rhymes
2:00- Learning Time / Letter, Number, Color of the week
2:30- Craft / Activity
2:50- Snack Time / Free Play
Every week we will have a theme that reinforces the letter, number and color for that week, and some fun crafts and projects that fit in there too :) I really want to foster a love of reading in my children, so every week we will also read a book that ties into our theme. Another fun idea I got from Skylar's kindergarten teacher is to have a Sound Bag. Whatever the letter is that week, the sound bag is full of items that start with that letter. That way we are really reinforcing the sounds that letter makes and making the child more aware. I also have a card holder up that holds the flashcards for the letter, color and number of the week, and we will go over those as we discuss those items for the week.
This weeks theme is apples and here is our curriculum for the week:
Tuesday: Color of the Week (RED)
Number of the Week (1)
Sound Bag
Read The Giving Tree
Sorting and counting activity with apples
Rock "apples" craft
Make apple and peanut butter sandwiches
Thursday: Color of the week (Red)
Number of the week (1)
Sound Bag
Read The Giving Tree
Apple rhymes activity
Apple stamp craft with Aa template
Homemade applesauce for snack time
If you are interested in the specifics of any of these activities please feel free to leave a comment, and I will email you back shortly! I am so excited to start this with Kendall, and will continue to post our weekly curriculum. Hope you all have a great day!!



ok tonii! i love it! You are so on top of it! What a cute idea! maybe ill do it for kade... ill think about it :)