Farm Week at our Preschool!

Hey everyone!! I have to tell you, the first week of preschool at our house was a HIT!! It was so great to spend some one on one time with my middle child...she so needs it :) We had a wonderful time together, and she learned some great stuff too. With that said, here are the activities and links to some things we are doing this week, learning all about the Farm!
Color of the Week (Orange)
Number of the Week (2)
Letter B Tracer Page
Sound Bag-Fill up the bag with items that all start with the letter B
Read Touch and Feel Farm
Farm Sound Discrimination Game-Get 8 plastic eggs and fill them with 4 different sounding food products. Two with sugar, two with flour, two with rice, and two with beans. Then have child take turns picking an egg, shaking them, and then searching through the basket to find its "sound" mate :)
Coloring Page
Make pigs nose craft- Cut bottome of egg carton, paint pink, cut out nostrils and attach with string.
Have "pig slop" for snack- Mix yummy snacks together like pretzels, M&M's, etc!
Color of the Week (Orange)
Number of the Week (2)
Letter B Tracer Page
Sound Bag
Read Touch and Feel Farm Book
Moms and Babies farm animal matching game- print and laminate pictures of mom and baby animals, have kids play matching game.
Farm Animal Sort-Cut out pictures of lots of animals, some farm animals, some not. Then have them put the farm animals in a barn, and the others outside.
Wooly sheep craft- Trace your childs hand, then cover it with glue and let them attach cotton balls. The flip it upside down so the fingers are the 4 legs, and decorate the thumb to be the face.
Have pigs in a blanket for snack time.
If you are doing anything similar in your home, please tell me what you are doing!! I am always looking for new, fun ways to teach my kids!
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