Smiling this Sunday!

 Hello my friends!  How are you this beautiful Sunday morning?!

If you are new to Blue Skies Ahead, every Sunday I try and pick a few moments that made me smile this past week.  I truly believe there is SO much good in our lives...if we can remember to look for it :)  This is my attempt at finding the good in my life!

The first thing making me smile this week is my 2 boys.  Britton is almost 4 and Cohen is a whopping 2 weeks :)  I love to see them together and the love Britton already has for his little brother.  Last week I was out with my oldest daughter on a date when Paul sent me this picture of the two asleep next to each other.  Made my heart melt just a little bit :)

On Friday night me and the hubs went out on a wonderful date night with our bro and sister-in-law.  We wanted to thank them for helping us SO much while I was on bedrest and taking such great care of our kids.  It was wonderful to take a little break and enjoy some adult conversation and yummy food! 

Not a big surprise this guy is on the list for what is making me smile today ;)  He really is the most precious little baby.  And I do mean little...he weighs just over 6 lbs and the only chub on him is in those cute little cheeks :)  He pretty much sleeps all the time and the kids are dying for the days when he starts to open his eyes a little bit more.  I am just trying to treasure every moment...knowing he is probably my last makes every little thing that much more tender to me.

This little girl is making me smile this week too!  Its so weird, she has always been the "baby" in the family.  Even though she is the second oldest she always has acted younger than her years.  In the last few months she has really grown up and is becoming such a beautiful young girl!  She is doing great at school and I have loved seeing her read books to her little sister and help out more around the house.  She has a VERY sassy personality, and we sometimes butt heads, but that little smile can melt my heart faster than just about anything else!

This week has been very interesting.  We are right back into normal life.  I remember with my first two babies, life pretty much stopped for 6 months until I felt normal again.  HA!  Not so with the 5th!  This week is was back to carpool, grocery shopping, dance classes, doctors appts and everything else!  There were wonderful moments of PURE content, as I would look around at my 5 kids and KNOW my whole family was finally here together.  There were also moments of PURE insanity :)  Avrie running wild at the drs office, Avrie undoing the deadbolt and running outside every second she got...hmmm, I'm seeing a trend here ;)  Honestly, there were a few "Why in the world did I think I could handle 5 kids?!" moments this week!  

BUT...they were totally outnumbered by the smiles, laughter and joy we have had being all together.  That is why I have to constantly remind myself to look for all this good...even amidst the chaos, it is always there!

Hope you are having lots of wonderful things in your life to smile about too!!


Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

So sweet! can see why you are smiling Tonii and yay for date night!

Michelle Paige

Love your post! Counting joys and blessings puts everything in perspective! What an amazing mom you are!