Birthday Breakfast...Angry Birds Battle for Breakfast!

THIS little guy turned 4 last week!

How cute is he?!

As per family tradition I planned a fun birthday breakfast for him.  One of Brittons favorite things to do is play Angry Birds on my phone, so picking out the theme of his breakfast was pretty simple ;)

Of course, we had to have a fun activity to go with it, so we came up with the Angry Birds Battle for Breakfast!

This was what Britton woke up to on the morning of his birthday.  I always have the table set and all the yummy breakfast food out.  I bought lanterns at our local party store and then printed of the birds face templates HERE to make our very own Angry Birds.  Britton really loved them...in fact they are still hanging up today ;)

This time though, when Britton came down to eat....there was NO FOOD!!  

After closer inspection, we found this note from the Pigs!

So to get his yummy Birthday Breakfast, Britton was going to have to use his Angry Birds to Battle for Breakfast!

Over in the corner King Pig had all of our breakfast hostage, and Britton was going to have to battle to get them back.

I found these pig paper plates and on the back of each I wrote one breakfast item like muffins, chocolate milk, cereal, yogurt, etc.

Then I taped them up on the sliding glass door, gave Britton his favorite Angry Bird and sling, and let him go at it!  Every time he hit a pig we would take it off the window, and he could choose that item from the basket to eat.

By the time he was done he and his Angry Bird had won the Battle for Breakfast!!

Not only did my guy get a yummy breakfast, but he had a LOT of fun getting it too :)

I love my sweet little guy, and I hope he loved his Angry Birds Breakfast too :)  If you want some more  Birthday Breakfast inspiration check out our Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sundaes and stay tuned for more fun ideas...its birthday month at our house!!


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

OH MY GOODNESS, it doesn't get any more fun than that!!! You have the most awesome traditions in your family! Britton is so cute!