Painted Bread Flowers

 Happy Monday friends!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)  We are kicking off our Spring and Plant Week today, and we are excited!  I didn't actually have anything planned for today, but when the kids started whining about being bored I threw this together.  They loved it, and I actually had a lot of fun too ;)

Painted Bread Flowers!

I had pinned this awesome idea forever ago from Share and Remember, and have been waiting for the perfect day to use it...today was that day!

All you need to make your own Painted Bread Flowers are slices of bread, milk, food coloring and a flower cookie cutter.

I used the Neon Food Coloring and just did 2-3 drops in each cup of milk and had the kids stir them up.

Once you have your "paint" ready to go, hand your kids a paintbrush and let them paint away.  We only eat wheat bread so that was what we used, but the colors would be even brighter if you had white bread on hand!

The kids thought it was SO silly that we were painting bread...with MILK!  They loved seeing the different colors show up on the bread and see what designs they could make.

And this little one?  I just gave her a cup of water to paint her bread and she was none the wiser ;)

I even got in on the fun too ;)

Britton was especially proud of his creation. 

After they were all done painting we just toasted the slices for a few minutes to make one side crisp enough to use a cookie cutter on.

 Not only was this a fun activity, but the kids loved eating their Painted Bread Flowers too!

This is a GREAT last minute activity, especially because you usually have all this stuff on hand!

Thanks so much for coming by today, we'll see you tomorrow with a new FHE and lots more plant and flower fun this week :)