"April Showers" Educational Spray Bottle Activity

Today I wanted to share with a super fun and simple activity I did with my kids today tying in Spring Weather and also letter recognition and math!  They had a blast, and we even learned and reviewed some things too ;)

I got this AWESOME idea from my sister-in-law Crista.  She throws some amazing birthday parties, and at her last one she did a similar activity.  As soon as I saw how much fun the kids were having there I knew it was something I wanted to do with my kiddos at home...with an educational spin!

This is our April Showers Educational Spray Bottle Activity!!

All you need to do this at your house is a cheap plastic shower curtain liner, some washable markers and spray bottles filled with water.  I used duct tape to stick the shower liner up over the tub so the water could run down without making a mess.  Of course, if it nice weather where you are at, this would be really fun to do outside too!

Then I took the washable markers and wrote different things on the liner.  For my kindergartener I wrote different numbers.  Then I would call out a math problem and she would squirt the answer with the water bottle until it washed away.  It was such a fun way to test her on basic math skills while having fun too!

For my little pre-schooler I wrote different letters he has been learning and when I called out a letter he would shoot away!  They loved watching the letters disappear, and what kid doesn't love to spray a spray bottle?!

And this is where I found Avrie while we were having fun...playing in the shower with marker all over her face :)  NEVER a dull moment with that one ;)

Try out this quick and fun activity with your kids, they will love you for it! ;)  Have a wonderful, springy day everyone!!