Bed rest = Projects

 Hello friends!  How are you all doing this lovely sunny day?!  At least I think its sunny...I haven't actually stepped outside ;)

Here at Blue Skies Ahead we know ALL about bed rest.  Its pretty much been a given since I had my first daughter 8 years ago at 32 weeks.  Ever since I have spent varying amounts of time on bed rest with each pregnancy...and each baby has come later, success!!

Bed rest is tough for me.  As a (usually) busy mom of 4 VERY active kids, I am used to being on the go all the time.  I very often feel defined by everything that I DO in a day.  Well...if you take all that away and DO nothing in a day...who are you and what is your importance to your family??  These are all things I have struggled with in the past, but not so this time!  I don't know if its because this is our last baby and I know I never have to do this again, or if I am finally able to truly appreciate there is NOTHING more important than getting this little babe here safe and sound, but whatever it is I have been able to find some things I can accomplish even while I am down and out that are making the time pass by quickly!

I have been working on getting caught up on my digital scrapbooking and typing up a bunch of my favorite recipes...but today I wanted to share a few simple projects I have been putting together for Cohen's nursery...all while lying on my couch :)

What did we do before PicMonkey??  I love how easy it is now to make your own custom printables to fit in any space and color scheme.  Cohen's nursery has big, bold patterns, airplanes and the colors navy, bright blue and orange.  LOVE!!

I made this 8x10 printable to frame and put on top of his dresser...simple and perfect for an airplane-themed room!

I made this next printable to hang over Cohen's crib.  I LOVE the simplicity of it, I was inspired by THIS great print

Finally, the project I am MOST excited about!!

Its not quite finished, but as soon as my hubs gets home I am putting him to work :)  I love mobiles and think they are a great way to add more fun and personality to your little ones nursery.  As I was searching for something for Cohen's room I could NOT find anything I even remotely liked.  I started to think if there was anything I could make...and it came to me!

Paper Airplanes!!

I found THIS amazing site with TONS of free digital papers.  I just printed out a bunch of different patterns in my colors and folded a million paper airplanes:)  I can't wait to see the finished product!

So those are just a few of the things I have been working on here...but I'd love to hear from you guys! Has anyone else ever been on bed rest or just down for a few days?  If so, how did you stay motivated and what in the world did you do when you finished the ENTIRE series of Downtown Abbey in 3 days?! 


Luanne Pang

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Heather Carter

Hi Tonii, you have a pretty blog! I found you thru Mingle with Us Blog Hop and I'm your newest GFC follower!


Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Boo to bedrest but yay to what ever gets your baby here safe, sound, and healthy and you are one busy mama so you deserve a break! I use picmonkey on a daily basis and love the prints you made especially the orange initial one and hello I have been obsessed with searching for a mobile. Same thing here can't find anything that works with my colors that I like! Your little airplane one is going to be cute, cute, cute!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

You have been busy!! I can't wait to see the finished mobile!