April Fool's Day Mixed-up Menu for dinner!!

Hey everybody!!  Happy Monday to you all :)  Even though everyone in blog land is sharing lots of darling Easter ideas, I thought I would branch and share what we are doing for dinner at our house on April Fool's Day this year.  Assuming that I'm not in the hospital having a baby...if so, it will have to wait for next year ;)

We did something similar a few years ago for an activity when I served in the Young Women's program of my ward.  It was so much fun, and I realized the other day it would be perfect to change up for April Fool's Day.

First up, you need to decided on 8 different things you need for your dinner.  These are the items we had for our activity.  Then you attach a code word for each item...we used Book of Mormon terms for our YW activity, but I just used silly words for our April Fool's Day dinner.

Here is what each word represents!

Then I made our Mixed-Up Menu and laminated one for each of my kids.

The kids get to start off by circling two words with their dry erase markers for their appetizer.  The funny part is...they may end up with a breadstick and a spoon, or a dessert and a vegetable :)  Then they pick 4 more for dinner, and 2 for dessert.  Make sure you only let your kids pick each word once, and you have a zany April Fool's Day Dinner!

Just right-click, save, and print away for your very own Mixed-Up Menu for April Fool's Day Dinner!


Michelle Robblee

This is such a fun idea!


How awesome! What are you planning on serving for your main course? Trying to figure out what would be easy enough to dish out a different times of the meal.