Fabric flowers even I can make!

With all the spare time I have had on bedrest lately I decided to search the internet for different ways to make fabric flowers. As you can see HERE and HERE I am a big fan of fabric yo-yo's but really wanted to try something different.

I was a little overwhelmed at all the different way you can make fabric flowers, but I finally found a tutorial that was just what I was looking for. I LOVE these flowers because the more frayed and imperfect they are....the better they look! :) And all you need to get started is a strip of fabric, needle and thread, and cute button for the center. Please check out the tutorial HERE if you want to make some of your own :) These are just handful that I have made this week...I love that the possibilities are endless!!

I made this with only a 1 inch thick strip that was about 24 inches long.

The next two were made with one inch strips but the length was about 44 inches like shown in the tutorial.

Favorite thing about these flowers?? You don't need exact measurements!! I am super impatient when it comes to crafting so I LOVE when I can just cut a strip of fabric and not have to worry about the exact dimensions. I also love the frayed, vintage look and all the different possibilities for these. I have already made some into headbands, clips, or pins! Let me know if you try these out...they are so fun!!

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