MINI fabric Easter baskets

When I was making about a million fabric yo yos for THIS project, I had a flash of inspiration. As I was tightening one of the yo yos I thought if you actually made one inside out, left it much looser before you knotted the thread, and attached a ribbon for a handle, it just might make something cute! Here's what I did:

If you've every used a yo yo maker before you know that this is backwards :) I had to have the fabric in backwards so the pattern would end up on the outside.

This is what it looked like before I tightened the thread

This is what it looked like after I loosely tightened the thread, leaving a big open space to make your "basket". I also trimmed around the edges to make the ruffle more even.

And here is one of the finished product. See, it really is MINI :)

To finish them off I just sewed on a small piece of ribbon for the handle, and there ya go!

The thing I love about these is I think the possibilities for these cute little baskets are endless! When I was little every year on Easter we would have a jelly bean hunt when we woke up in the morning. I think these mini baskets will be adorable for our jelly bean hunt. I was also thinking they would be adorable place settings for an Easter Brunch or make cute little gift bags. Thanks for stopping by! :)



These are too cute!! Making cute things mini makes them even better!



Heather L.

These are REALLY cute! What a good idea - love it!

The Fullers

These are so cute, I love them! What a good idea. Love the jely bean hunt too.