It's about time!!

Well we have officially been out of our house for over a month now....man, what a roller coaster!! Its not over yet, but I have decided to help my kids feel as normal as possible I need to get back to doing the kinds of things I love, which especially includes having weekly family home evenings with the kids and using a weekly theme to do some fun activities with the kiddos :) Oh, how I have missed it! I usually post all this stuff on my other blog, Fun at Home, but in an effort at simplifying I think I will post it right here :)

We spent the 4th of July weekend up at Bear Lake and had an amazing time! The only thing the kids were a little bummed about was that it was too cold to spend much time at the beach. I got a bunch of fun things to do there and we didn't get to do any of it! So I decided to use some of the ideas we did last year and have our theme this week be the "Beach!"

Our first craft is to decorate sun visors to wear when we go to the beach (the little artificial one in Herriman ;) I got a pack of 3 foam visors for a buck from the dollar store, along with a package of summer stickers and glitter glue.

Another thing that we did last year that the kids loved was to make a little "beach-in-a-jar". We were able to collect some tiny sea shells from the beach so we will put those, some sand, pebbles, grass (to simulate seaweed) into a jar and spray paint the lid gold. The kids LOVE shaking them up and seeing what they can find. I think I will also throw in some ocean life buttons to spice it up a little :)

A really fun treat idea that I found on Preschool Express is to make beach cups. You simply make vanilla pudding and use a little food coloring to turn it blue. Then you crush up Nilla wafers to look like sand and throw in some gummy fish and sharks. The kids LOVE it :)

I think these crafts will give us a great start to our Beach Week!! If you are so inclined I hope you will join us in doing some fun things with your kiddos this week. And also, if you're like me its always nice to throw a little education in with all the fun. I usually try to have a letter of the week that we focus on, and if nothing else I simply to to DLTK Kids and at least print out the writing sheet for that weeks letter. Then I know the girls are practicing their handwriting and becoming more familiar with the letter. Here is the direct link for this weeks letter....B!

I also like to have a family home evening every monday that I try to somehow fit into our theme for the week (sometimes its really a strech!:) I will post this weeks fhe in a seperate post so its easier to label, its gonna be a good one! Hope your all having a fantastic week!!