MY Passion

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Pretty self-explanatory, right? :)

A few years ago I remember feeling a little down on myself. I would look around at all the amazing women around me and couldn't help but feel a little bit inadequate. Not only were these women mothers, but they had hobbies, talents and passions that I didn't. They did wonderful work with charities, had their own businesses, mad athletic skills and more! The list could go on and on. I remember getting to a point where I wondered what my passions were, and feeling like I was "just" a mom.

Today I am grateful to be able to look at these beautiful faces and realize that, for me, being "just" a mom is just fine with me! I don't always have the time I want to develop new talents or hobbies, but I am passionate about my role as a wife and mother and am grateful to be able to use my talents in those capacities. I truly believe that life is full of seasons, and the season will come when I am better at juggling and can do more of those amazing things that many of you can ;)

But for now I take peace and contentment in MY passion...my family :)



Girl, I think for being "just" a mom, you're doing a pretty darn good job with everything else in between. Remember your calling in Young Women and all the wonderful things you did there? Remember cutting the chaos and all of your fabulous ideas? Just to mention a few...
Yeah. I rest my case.

Miller Fam

Ditto to Jessica's comment and in addition to the church callings & Cutting the Chaos let's talk about all the amazing parties you hold, fun themed activities you do with your kids each week, your style & coordinated jewlery, the digital creations you come up with at the drop of a hat, & the amazing friend you are to everyone. Sorry to break it to you girl, but not only are you one of the most AMAZING mothers ever, but you DO juggle a million other talents and hobbies... apparently without even knowing it!

However, I absolutely love this post. I think we all feel inadequate at one time or another and forget how important our calling is as a mother. Thank you for the reminder of where our priorities should be!


hun just wanted to say 'just' being a mum is the most valuable job you will ever have. it takes far more time, thought and patience than anything else you will ever do, but the rewards are by far the greatest. glad you are feeling more content and enjoying yourself :)

Karlee Turner

I love hearing about all the fun things you do with your kids! You're one inspiring mama!

LOVE that pic of your kiddos...what beauties they are!

Hollie Hanson

You are an amazing mom Tonii!! And I truly think that is your calling in this life. You are able to give and teach your kids so much. I envy you!