Modesty Family Home Evening

(Poster courtesty of The Friend)
I have been wanting to have a fhe on modesty for a little while now, and I figured in the middle of hot summer would be perfect. Even though my daughters are only 5 and 3, this is a subject that comes up quite a bit at our house. I know everyone is different and has different rules about this, so feel free to adjust this to your particular family. I tend to be on the strict side of modesty, but also believe in trying to teach the kids WHY we dress modestly and help them see how much better we feel when we do.

To start off the night we are going to do a fun activity. I am going to have the kids lay down on big pieces of butcher paper and I am going to trace them. After I have done that they will get markers, crayons, glitter glue and anything else they want to draw modest clothes on themselves and decorate them! After they are done decorating we are going to review this Modest Checklist from The Friend. I think this is a great resource! It reminds me of something we used in YW's to reinforce modesty. My favorite part is where it asks you to ask yourself if you would be comfortable in what you are wearing if you were with the Savior.

Then it is time for the treat! I did this for an activity in YW's and I think my girls are gonna love it! I am making sugar cookies using gingerbread girl cookie cutters. Then the girls get to decorate the cookies and make sure the girls are wearing modest outfits. Cute, right? :)

I feel like my girls already have a pretty good understanding of why we choose to dress modestly, but the older they get the more reminders they need. I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week and don't forget to share any successes you are having with your family. I KNOW the counsel to have weekly FHE is inspired, and I would love to hear how it is blessing your family too! :)