A Tropical Birthday Surprise!

So often I use my spare time and "talents" (if you could call it that!) to think up fun activities and surprises for my children. This week I was thrilled to take the time to put my wonderful husband first as I tried to think of some special way to celebrate his 30th birthday!!

We are currently staying with my mom in California for a few weeks while we try to figure out our housing situation. Paul conveniently had to come work out in LA for a few days so he worked it out to be here on his birthday. I wanted to do something special and memorable that wouldn't break the bank....so here is what I came up with!

The thing that kept going through my mind was how stressful my husbands life has been lately. I wished I could have planned a tropical getaway just for us, to lounge on the beach, sipping slushy drinks and not having a care in the world. Since this idea wasn't exactly practical, I came up with what I thought was the next best thing. Introducing.....

Paradise in a Bucket!! {I know, I am a huge dork!}

I was wandering around aimlessly at JoAnns when I found all of their themed Hawaiian stuff 75% off! This got the creative juices flowing!! Included in the basket are 2 margarita cups with the little umbrellas :), pina colada mixer, a pineapple, a cute fish bowl filled with macadamia nuts, 2 hawaiian themed votive candle holders, a few leis, and some....uhhhhh..."massage lotion". {I'm just keeping it real here, I was going for a romantic getaway type thing....and I'm totally blushing right now} In the rolled up paper was our reservations for one night at a hotel 30 minutes from my parents house in California.

Paul was SO surprised and excited, besides being in the hospital with a new baby it was the first time we have ever left all the kiddies overnight. And I gotta tell you....it was great!! I love my husband so much, and am so very lucky to have him. I am so proud of his accomplishments and successes, but the kind of husband and father he is impresses me the most. I love you Paul!!


Kim Milius

Great idea & one that I can use in my business to promote our tropical candle fragrances in the summer -- what a fun thing to give a host or to raffle off! - minus the massage lotion for business, though ;)


You are so cute and you cracked me up with the "massage lotion" which I never would have noticed by just looking at the picture.


You are too cute! Love the idea!!!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven

What a cute idea... maybe a spin on this would make a great teacher gift for back to school! Glad you linked up w/ Sister's Stuff!