The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Family Home Evening

I know I am such a dork, but I LOVE it when I can find a great FHE that fits in with my theme for the week :) So this week we are learning and talking all about beaches, what could be any better than learning about Jesus' parable of the wise man and the foolish man? (Get it? Sand? Beach?:) I was thrilled with some of the things I found online, when I put it all together I am thinking its going to be a fantastic little family home evening.

We are going to start off by singing the fun song this whole thing is based on " The Wise Man built his house upon the rock." Then we are going to talk about when Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount, and the parable of the Wise Man and the Foolish Man. Here is a great link to a story from the friend that just summarizes it perfectly. It also includes clipart that I am planning on coloring and letting the kids use to act out while we sing the song. The Wise Man and the Foolish Man.

I got to thinking it would be fun to actually try it out and have a visual for the kids, build something on a rock and on sand, then pour water over it and see how it stands on the rock!! I love the internet, because about 5 minutes later I found this awesome site with an adorable activity all ready to go, just had to push print! I love how it has those cute tools that are either Heavenly Father's or Satans, and homes you can actually put on a rock and sand! Activity
I look forward to the opportunity to teach my children about the importance of basing our actions and our testimonies on a solid foundation, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Finally, I am a strong believer in a great snack for FHE!! I love this cake and couldn't wait to put it to use with beach week. I just thought it would be perfect for our family home evening.

All you do is bake any flavor cake in a round pan. Then you cut it into slices and layer it in a new sand bucket with pudding (YUMM!) Then you finish it off with crushed cookies for the sand and stick in a new shovel to scoop it out with. Thank you Family Fun for this great idea!!

I hope these may be useful to someone else as well! I have a very strong testimony about the power of being obedient to the counsel to hold regular family home evenings. Especially now, as we have not been very faithful in doing so! I miss the Spirit we had in our home, and the opportunity my husband and I had weekly to bear our testimonies to our children. I hope you will share some of your success stories as I continue to post some of my favorite FHE ideas, I think we all need to stay encouraged and motivated to do these things for our families :)


Chanty Cling

Cute ideas in this post and the last post. My two year old just started singing that song this last week with no prompting. I am in charge of a neighborhood FHE tonight and I may be changing what I am doing to this idea. Thanks for sharing.


This is so cute! I'm always looking for teachable moments with my kids. =)


I'm really Glad i found this blog.Added ptskjohnson.blogspot.com to my bookmark!


thanks!! I am going to do this for my next fhe and I am soooo excited about it!!