First day of preschool!

Can you believe it!?! My little baby is all grown up :) She was so excited to pick out her outfit and put on her backpack. When we got to her school she was such a big girl and walked right in without crying, gave me a big hug, said I love you, and was off! I promptly went out to my car and cried :)


The Pond's Lily Pad

What a remarkable day!! I know it's hard, but you will adjust as you see how much she enjoys school!

The Lund Five

Landon never went to preschool and it was hard when he started Kindergarten last year. Hopefully this will prepare you for when she starts Kindergarten. She looks cute!!


O Tonii! Skylar looks adorble! I love the out fit! she is so grown up! It will be so fun to see her learn and grow! How exciting! I can't wait till Raegan goes! We will for sure have a melt down... probably both of us ;)

Hollie Hanson

She looks so cute! I am so sad I couldn't put Cherry in this year :( Next year! I would have been in my car crying too :) Miss ya! We need to get together again!


Ok, so isn't that the most adorable thing ever!!! Skylar is so super cute!!
Yesterday was Megan's first day of Middle School - I cried the whole way home. She is my baby girl - I know when I send Austin off to High School next year, it will be full on hysterics - both because my baby going to high school and for me - because how can I be old enough to have kids that age!!!

Karlee Turner

She is adorable...and I am in love with Kendyll. If you can't find her one day, don't worry, I took her :) We had so much fun last night...hope you'll continue to join us! That is as long as you weren't too scared off ;)


Ahh...so many fun adventures ahead! She looks ADORABLE!!!