You may or may not know

I thought I would blog about this particular subject for two reasons. One, we cannot keep a secret, two, I have a three year old that tells everyone we see (i.e. cashier at grocery store :) We have already told the fam, so why not the blogging world? :) Yep, we are expecting baby #3! We are so so excited. I am only 6 weeks, but when you figure I go 2 to 1 1/2 months early, I am practically in my second trimester :) In my head I feel a little crazy, but in my heart it feels so right. Skylar is so excited and says she can't wait for another baby sister (which she is sure it is :) and Kendall obviously has no idea. Knowing we are expecting another child has just made me treasure the children I have, want to soak up every single moment of just the two of them, and really get my life in order so I can be the mother these dear children of God deserve. Wish us luck! :)


The Pond's Lily Pad

Oh my gosh!! Congrats!! I am so happy for all of you!! Of course if you ever any questions, you have your own private L&D nurse just down the street at your disposal!! I just hope that you don't have to deliver in the McDonalds drive-through again!! haha

Steven & Becky Heumann

Congratulations! I'm not ready for #3 yet. :)

Karlee Turner

What??!!! How exciting! Congrats! You may as well keep having babies since you guys make such gorgeous ones! I'm calling you to talk to you in person and say congrats..because as much as I love blogs...they just don't cut it for something like this!!


I am so excited for you! You are such a good mom!

Spence Family

TONII OH MY GOSH! That is so cool, Congrats to you and Paul and of course the girls. Hoping for a boy this time? Well have to wait and see! Lets hope for a healthy happy baby and mom through this whole process. Congrats again!

Hollie Hanson

Tonii that is great! I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy one having a 3rd! LOL But seriously I am so happy for you!!!!!! I know exactly how you feel! Tell Paul congrats from us!

Jessica Emily

YAY!! I am so happy for you! Another amazingly gorgeous child to add to your family! :)


Hooooray! I was just watching you guys in church on Sunday thinking, "They need to have another baby!" Oh, you make the most beautiful babies!! Congratulations! Feel Good and Stay Healthy! And call me if need anything..especially chocolate!

Romans Family

WOW! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations! That is wonderful! You really have such an adorable family. Let me know if you need anything.

Jay and Bec

CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you! You are such a great little mommy!


I'm so excited for you guys!! You two are the best parents and you'll do just great!

Jones Family

yay! Congrats!!!

Cory & Krista

Hi its Krista from playgroup and ward I just saw your blog on Jennys. Its so cute. I just went private on ours if you want to view it just email me your email address and I will add you to ours.

Steven and LaNelle

Congratulations! I am so happy for ya'll and for Skylar to get another baby sister haha!

Karlee Turner

Question...I just got an email from Sue about a girls trip to St. George...you going??


Congratulations! I am so excited for you. I hope that you are feeling okay. Good luck with the pregnancy.