Discovery at Gateway

Last Thursday we ventured downtown to go to the Discovery at Gateway. It is such a fun place for the kids, they go crazy! My aunt Lisa and her 3 kids joined us and they all had so much fun. It always makes me remember how when you are little, all you want to do is grown up stuff. So to be able to go shopping at the grocery store, or cook dinner in the kitchen is so exciting. Hmmm, when did I lose that excitement? They also have a lifelight helicopter that you can sit in, and the kids LOVED that. Skylar always tells everyone that when she was in my tummy she got to ride in one. I am really sad because last year my dad got us a year pass, and it has been so great to be able to go down there whenever and not worry about the cost. Unfortunately our pass ends September 30th, so who wants to go with me in the next two weeks? :) My pass gets in six people, so lets go!!



Umm... I'll volunteer to go!! :) Sounds fun!

Steven & Becky Heumann

Oooo...I want to go! Max doesn't have pre-school on Tuesdays or Fridays. I watch a girl with special needs on Fridays so she would be #7 and I would have to pay or we could go Tuesday or before pre-school I guess (12:30) Ooo...I was just thinking "I need to schedule a time to see Tonii" I love that museum but it is expensive!

Steven & Becky Heumann

sounds good! Elese would miss her afternoon nap but I can just put her to bed early. Let me know what time and We will meet you there.

Jay and Bec

Looks like so much fun! I have been meaning to take my kids for a long time..I'd love to volunteer to go with you, but with all of my kids-- there just wouldn't be enough passes to go around! We should definately have the girls play sometime though!!